A compact, rapid capture, dual use criminal and applicant livescan and fingerprint enrollment system.


Designed for wireless mobile iris, facial and fingerprint data capture.

Notary Service

We provide Full Notary Services. With years of experience our team will provide a comfortable and professional signing experience and will insure that all your paperwork is completed in a timely manner. To notarize your documents you will need to present acceptable identification. Your ID must contain a photograph and personal description. If must bear serial or other identifing number. (for ex. ID card or Drivers License, an Inmates Identification Card issued on or after January 1988, or Passport issued by Foreign Government.

  • Our Team: We are a network of licensed, bonded, insured certified California Notary Public serving the Orange County area.

  • Low Cost and Quality Service: We are committed towards providing the highest quality service. Notarization completed in a timely manner at a very low cost per signature.

  • Time and Location: Our network of Notary Public is here to serve you during regular business hours. We also have a team of Mobile Notary Public who will serve your needs to a place and time convenient for you.